Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a disk to load AE2.0 onto my computer?

No. This is a "Cloud-based" internet software, which means that there are no CD's. This format enables us to give you better software, faster processing, compatibility with more devices, and automatic updates at a very reasonable price. If you change devices, you don't have to load anything, just log in as usual from any computer.

What type of businesses are best suited for AE2.0?

This software can work for any type of company that provides estimates. It was originally designed to serve contractors, but it is very versatile due to the fact that it is so customizable.

How difficult is AE2.0 to learn?

It is very easy to learn and use. The design/layout is purposely intuitive. Once you have data in the system (by adding Divisions, Work areas, etc...) you can write estimates right away.

Will the cost go up in the future?

Possibly, but no dramatic increase are likely. Inflation is eventually going to cause minor price increases.

How many devices can I use the software on?

As many as you wish.

Is the software compatible with my pad and cell phone?

Yes, it is a "Cloud- based" program, meaning that you can use it anywhere, on anything, that allows you to get on the internet. But the screen size is designed for a standard computer screen. Future versions with appropriate screens are planned for smaller devices.

Can I download data into other programs, such as Quickbooks?

No. This is strictly an estimating software. It was purposely designed to be simple. There are no accounting, scheduling, job costing, or other complicated/confusing features. It does estimating like no other software available, but nothing else.

How secure is AE2.0 ?

All the data is stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database, which has extensive security, including password encryption and built-in measures to protect data in the event of hardware failure. In addition, AE2.0 has integrated security features that let you control each user's access to individual windows.

Is development on AE2.0 on-going ?

AE2.0 is continually being adjusted and extended to comply with changing conditions in the construction industry, new web technologies and user requirements.

Can I export my Estimates to PDF or word ?

Yes, although your Estimate will stay safe with us forever and you can come back anytime and view it. But we also have the functionality to export the Estimates to PDF and word documents in case you want to keep a permanent copy of it with you.

Can AE2.0 increase the number of jobs I'm able to estimate ?

We make it easy to get fast, accurate takeoffs just by selecting items from Master List, and eliminate the expense of printing, retrieving, and shipping paper plans.

How does the user change their password?

After successfully LogIn, there is a link "Change password" at the bottom of home page to perfom this action.